From The Owner

I created EmberSmith llc. to help small business achieve big things.  Small businesses aren’t just the backbone of the economy; they are also the backbone of their community.  They often enrich their communities in a number of ways like sponsoring their hometown hockey team or donating their services.  Unfortunately many small businesses suffer because they go unnoticed, especially online.  We can help you establish your brand online with a website, social media, and more. If you don’t have time to figure out the technology, let EmberSmith help you forge a path to success.

I know first hand that being a small business owner often means you wear every hat in the company whether you like or not.   That’s why I make it my personal mission to ensure that websites we create work for you and your company. So, regardless if your company is 2 days, 2 years, or 2 decades old; whether you’re building bicycles or bridges; or whether it is non-profit or for profit; EmberSmith can help.

Curtis LaPrise
Chief Design Officer | Owner

What Does EmberSmith Mean?

EmberSmith Web Design

We often get asked, “what does EmberSmith mean?” or simply “why EmberSmith?”  People often use the phrase “creative spark” or “spark of genius,” especially when describing an idea or thought.  We prefer to think of these as embers.  A spark can catch fire if it happens at just the right time with just the right conditions.  On the other hand, an ember lingers, and with a little effort and care you can breathe life into it.

Blacksmiths meticulously work raw metal to forge a finished product.  They heat up metal until it can be forged into shape.  We work to take your embers and forge them into something you can use.  Where a blacksmith works in metal, we work in embers, we’re “EmberSmiths.”